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Price development for larger quantities.

Club Logo

License obligation, graphic works.

Shipping Costs

Delivery within and outside Hungary.


Unique products, non-existent products.




  The prices shown in the store are for small quantities. In the case of large orders, the production or purchase costs are more favorable, and we give those benefits to the clubs. Ask for an offer!
The prices are in euros. In the upper right corner is the current exchange rate, which is updated every week.


Is the club's logo licensed?


  According to Rotary’s official resolution, because it contains the Rotary logo, it does. This officially means that even club souvenirs with their logo would have to be made by licensees and a license fee for these products is due to international Rotary.




  Within the European Union, we can handle it conveniently with several shippers, guaranteeing relatively low costs, and short delivery times. Transport costs outside of the European Union are negotiated individually.

Free delivery for all purchases over HUF 5,000 in Hungary. Under HUF 5,000 the delivery cost is 1,000 HUF.


If it's missing a product that the club needs!


 We are constantly expanding our offer. We thank you for all your suggestions and try to design, accept, manufacture and procure them as soon as possible.


 We will send each club a gift t-shirt embroidered or printed with their logo for the final inspection.


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